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Gourmet Cookies
Chocolate Chip Macadamia Nut Cookies
Chocolate Chip Brazil Nut Cookies
Oatmeal Raisin Nut Cookies
Peanut Butter Cookies
Chocolate Dream
M & M Cookies
Butter Sugar Cookies
America’s Favorite Cookie!  The fastest disappearing cookie I bake.  Who could resist the lure of this classic cookie!  Baked with or without walnuts or pecans, please specify upon ordering.
Classic Chocolate Chip Cookies
Same great taste of my Classic Chocolate Chip Cookies baked with rich macadamia nuts!
Cousin to the Chocolate Chip Macadamia Cookies, wonderfully delicious, and brazil-nuts are good for you too!
A favorite of kids & adults!  Made with my great tasting Classic Chocolate Chip Cookie Batter with your choice of Plain, Peanut, Almond or Peanut Butter M&M's.
Simply Delicious!  These crispy-chewy treats with plump raisins and toasted nuts will keep drawing you back to the cookie jar, they’re that good!
Cousin to the Rich Chocolate Fudge Brownie, a chocolate dream come true!
Simply the best!  These Peanut Butter Cookies are Fabulous!  Watch out, they fly off the plate!  Imagine, non-peanut butter fans enjoy them too!  Baked with real peanut butter crunch that you can see! 
This light buttery cookie will disappear before your eyes! They melt in your mouth with such homemade goodness; I can’t keep them on the plate. They are snatched up as quickly as you lay them out! I know of some who keep a stash hidden away, they disappear that quickly!  These cookies come in the different shapes of the season decorated with colorful sprinkles or as a classic circle cookie sprinkled with sugar. 
Family Favorites:
Same Great Taste as my Oatmeal Raisin Nut Cookies only these yummy cookies are made with rich dark chocolate chips!
Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Nut Cookies
Made with the same great cookie batter I use for my famous Oatmeal Raisin Nut Cookies, these scrumptious cookies are baked with sweet dried cranberries. 
Oatmeal Cookies
Sweet, crunchy, chewy and light!  A family delight! These sweet little treasures with disappear before your very eyes!  Classic, Extra Crunchy or Hand Dipped in Dark Chocolate.
Rice Crispy
Moist and chewy.  Toasted golden coconut on the outside and creamy soft coconut on the inside.  Cream of Coconut gives these Beautiful cookies extra moist and give them that extra boost of coconut flavor!  Classic or Hand-Dipped in Dark Chocolate.
A crunchy-soft bar cookie made with peanut butter, small pieces of peanuts and graham crackers.  And lets not forget the sweet dark chocolate topping.  Yummy!
Peanut Butter
Chocolate Bars
These soft and chewy pumpkin spice cookies are perfect with a tall glass of milk. 
Soft Pumpkin Cookies with Cinnamon Glaze
A sweet variation of the traditional gingerbread cookies.  These cookies are soft and super moist with a sweet crackly sugar crust.    
Soft Ginger
Crackle Cookies
Specialty Cookies:
Maraschino cherries wrapped in a rich brownie-like cookie, flavored with cherry liquor, and topped with rich chocolate fudge also flavored with cherry liquor. 
Chocolate-Covered Cherry Cookies
My yummy peanut butter cookies baked in a fun new shape, topped with rich chocolate fudge.  A new holiday favorite!
Peanut Butter  Fudge Cups
Swirls of autumn colors in a leaf-shaped butter cookie, with the wonderful flavor of pure maple syrup! Another artful and tantalizing treat for the eyes and the palette!  These beautiful cookies are so good they'll disappear before you know it!!
Autumn Leaves
doesn’t stop here! Then the top of the cookie is hand dipped in wonderful melted chocolate, AND chopped nuts, last, its little stem is attached! This little jewel is as wonderful to show-case as a center piece, as they are to eat!  You will hear the oohs and aahs with this one!
Truly spectacular! Truly special! For that very special event, or for that very special someone! All will marvel over the flaky buttery cookie, hand shaped, baked, then sandwiched with an additional hand-shaped cookie, with a wonderful strawberry filling thus creating this cookie's form, but it
Acorn Cookies
A delicate butter cookie hand dipped in rich dark chocolate and beautifully decorated
with almond flakes. 
Fanciful Hearts
A light and buttery sandwich cookie filled with sweet raspberry jam.  (Strawberry jam also available)  
Melted, sweet cherry candies make this wonderful heart-shaped window in  this  delicious  butter  cookie.
This light and buttery cookie reveals a heart-center filled with melted cinnamon candies.
Cinnamon-Heart Window Cookies 
Butterfly & Tulip
Butter-Sugar Cookies
Holiday Favorites:
They are snatched up as quickly as you lay them out!  I know of some who keep a stash hidden away, they disappear that quickly!  These cookies come in five shapes:  Christmas trees, stars, Santa’s Boot, candy canes, and a bell, all beautifully decorated with colorful sprinkles.
These light & buttery cookies will disappear before your eyes! They melt in your mouth with such home-made goodness; You wont be able to keep them on the plate.
Sugar Cookies
These delicious ginger cookies are similar in taste and texture to my gingerbread cookies, but without the powerful flavor of molasses; think of these as the lighter side of gingerbread cookies. Beautifully decorated with sweet vanilla frosting. 
(Also available in the gingerbread "man" shape)
Snowflake Cookies
Unlike the traditional hard and dry gingerbread cookies, which are good for hanging on trees, but not so nice for eating!  These wonderful treats are moist and gently chewy. 
(Also available in the snowflake shape.)
Gingerbread Cookies
Made with the same great tasting batter of my Butter Sugar Cookies only in the shape of Butterflies and Tulips and beautifully decorated with pastel sprinkles. 
Made with the same great tasting batter of my Butter Sugar Cookies only in the shape of Hearts. 
These beautiful treats also come as “Red”
Heart Sugar Cookies.
Sugar Cookies